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About us
We love being geeks and there's nothing we can do about it!  

It all started back when we were kids, watching our favorite superheroes on tv and reading about them on the comics. As we grew up things started changing, our favorite cartoons started coming to an end, reading comics became "lame" and the ones that DID like comics were categorized as "geeks".

Turns out that technology was taking over and people were not amazed by our fantasy heroes anymore, ironically it was technology itself that brought back Comic Book Heroes, top-of-the-line movies, remakes that out shined old-time films, and even tv started to make super hero shows.

That's the reason why we want to take advantage of the online world and connect with many others, that like us, are true fans. This new era has giving us the gateway to share our love for those characters that once made us smile, cringe or even cry.

So don't be ashamed of showing love for your heroes, connect with your inner fan and lets be geeks together !!!
Andrés Zamriver
CEO / Co-Founder
Loly Zamriver
COO / Co-Founder
Angelito Zamriver
Product Specialist
Narendra Patel
Senior Web Manager